Sunday, October 30, 2011

he saw the promised land
but he could not walk down that chosen mountain
into its wet green embrace
he could see the river
but he could not drink its water
powerful, alive
he could see the rainclouds below, over their fields,
but he could not hear the thunder
that would remind them to be humble
he could feel the wind blow from the west
but he could not breathe in the scent of oranges
as they ripen in the winter

i can see your dark beauty, my love
but i cannot be possessed by it
i can feel your warm eyes on me
but its too hard to meet them
i can watch your pure smile in your sleep
but if i kiss it, i will awaken you
i can feel your heart with my hand
but i cannot take it

i cannot enter the promised land
i knew that long ago
but seeing it now, leaving tears in the sand
i wish i did not know
i wish i did not know.