Sunday, October 30, 2011

he saw the promised land
but he could not walk down that chosen mountain
into its wet green embrace
he could see the river
but he could not drink its water
powerful, alive
he could see the rainclouds below, over their fields,
but he could not hear the thunder
that would remind them to be humble
he could feel the wind blow from the west
but he could not breathe in the scent of oranges
as they ripen in the winter

i can see your dark beauty, my love
but i cannot be possessed by it
i can feel your warm eyes on me
but its too hard to meet them
i can watch your pure smile in your sleep
but if i kiss it, i will awaken you
i can feel your heart with my hand
but i cannot take it

i cannot enter the promised land
i knew that long ago
but seeing it now, leaving tears in the sand
i wish i did not know
i wish i did not know.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Reasons why American Jewish girls should date Israeli men.

Ever since I found myself in the land of milk and honey six years ago on my Birthright trip, I’ve developed a fondness for Israeli men. Okay, maybe it’s more of a fetish than a fondness. Okay, so maybe the last oh…hell, all of my serious boyfriends since then have been Israeli. But there is good reason for it. And with intermarriage threatening the prospects of our people in the exile, why not expand our horizons to someone exotic, and yet not at all so…in fact, by dating Israeli men, you can discover more about your own culture than you ever will by dating an American Jewish boy. Here are some reasons why you should try dating an Israeli:

1. Israeli men are straightforward. Maybe it’s the take-charge attitude of the military, or just the directness of the culture. Either way, I love a guy who tells it like it is. Israeli men won’t play games—they are totally direct. If they want just sex, they will tell you within five minutes. If they want marriage, they will tell you on the first date. Directness is manly. Wishy-washiness is not. Ask them whatever you want to know, but be prepared for an honest answer.

2. Israeli men are beautiful. The military training, the greater genetic diversity (50% of Israeli Jews come from non-European backgrounds, unlike in the USA) and the Mediterranean weather produces some incredibly beautiful men.

3. Israeli men are adventurous. Israeli men usually spend a year travelling after the army in exotic locales such as South America and Asia. They love to try new foods and new cultures. You can learn a lot about the world by spending time with them, and they will surely include you in their future wild escapades. Sadly, many Americans, even American Jews, are not nearly as open-minded as Israeli men. Israelis are equally adventurous in the bedroom – your sex life will always stay spicy.

4. Israeli men are proud of who they are. Israelis often come from families who were devastated by the Holocaust and similar disasters, and giving up 3 years of their lives to protect our homeland grants them a unique angle at their Jewish identity I have not seen in most American Jews. Pride in one’s identity is definitely a sexy trait.

5. Israeli men will teach you about your culture. Sadly, American Jews have assimilated so much that we know little about our own culture. No, I don’t mean (C)Hannukah. I mean something more every-day, and yet more vital than religious tradition to keeping a culture alive. Boring Hebrew school teachers won’t play recordings of Zohar Argov’s soul-wrenching, sensual solos, nor teach you how to make Shakshuka for breakfast. Few of us (myself included, until I dated an Israeli) can say “I love you” in Hebrew. Israeli men can help you learn about their culture, which is actually your culture, too. Who knows, maybe they will even convince you to make Aliyah and join your people in the homeland.

6. Israeli men love Jewish American girls. Many Israeli men are a bit tired of the toughness that pervades their society when it comes to dating, and are looking for something less aggressive. Just make sure you stand your ground on important issues (sweetly, of course…they won’t expect it, and you’ll get whatever you want).

7. Israeli men are sensitive. This one is probably surprising. But under that tough exterior, Israeli men are very sensitive and have incredibly good hearts. They love helping others in need. Their tough environment teaches them hide this part of themselves from strangers, but once you get to know them, they will amaze you with their emotional depth.

8. Israeli men are clever. They may not be Ivy-educated, but they have the street-smart know-how and business knack it takes to succeed in the real world. They work hard for their education, and appreciate it after serving in the army for years. Because they start studying later in life, they get degrees that are practical and will help them secure a job.

9. Israeli men value family. Divorce is rarer in Israel. Children actually speak well of their parents (amazing, isn’t it?) and see them quite often because everyone lives nearby. Children are a blessing, and it’s rare to have less than three. In Israeli society, family is everything. Some see it as a positive, some don’t. I do.

10. Israeli men will satisfy you. Because they believe it is their mission in life. Just be direct about what you want. Enough said.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I thought I was stronger than the mountains standing before me
and that my heart was the best compass,
That the only provision I would need was hungry desire,
And the only companion, fair weather.
I thought I could tame the concrete jungles and the hungry maggots
Save the bitter-hearted, the blind, and the beggar
And force the sun to awaken each night
Yet I could do none of these things;
And I fell into the pit that swallowed many a dreamer.

And yet, I know that He will raise me from this pit, as he rescued another before me,
A young boy wrapped in the brightness of the rainbow,
A dreamer who would save two nations from starvation.
He would become a man of honor, a man of wisdom,
But only after captivity and solitude strengthened his soul.
I will await His call until my last hour.
I will await His salvation until my last breath.