Saturday, February 5, 2011


I thought I was stronger than the mountains standing before me
and that my heart was the best compass,
That the only provision I would need was hungry desire,
And the only companion, fair weather.
I thought I could tame the concrete jungles and the hungry maggots
Save the bitter-hearted, the blind, and the beggar
And force the sun to awaken each night
Yet I could do none of these things;
And I fell into the pit that swallowed many a dreamer.

And yet, I know that He will raise me from this pit, as he rescued another before me,
A young boy wrapped in the brightness of the rainbow,
A dreamer who would save two nations from starvation.
He would become a man of honor, a man of wisdom,
But only after captivity and solitude strengthened his soul.
I will await His call until my last hour.
I will await His salvation until my last breath.

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