Tuesday, November 13, 2007

GA: a Jewish Convention

I recently attended a conference called the General Assembly where I got the idea for this blog. Here are some photos from the conference. "One people, One destiny." All Jews are a big family, and our father is Jacob called Israel. We have a special mission in this world: to bring God into the world and to be a light to all nations through good deeds. After singing the American and Canadian anthems, we sang Hatikva, the national anthem of Israel. Hatikva means "THE HOPE," and its talking about the hope we had for 2000 years that we will return to our homeland, Israel, and rebuild our country.

A girl who was a soldier in the Israeli army spoke and told us about how a special program helped her attend the Technion. That's basically the Harvard of Israel! Israel is very good at Hi-tech...in fact, cell phone technology, voice mail, AIM, ICQ, the Intel pentium processor, and many other hi-tech things were all developed in Israel!

Howard Dean also spoke at the conference. He basically told all the young people that all Jews should be Democrats. This is total B.S.! It pissed me off so much. While many Democrats support Israel, the conservatives and the Republican party is way more supportive. Look at this figure that was shown during a talk about Israel advocacy:

I firmly believe that anyone who supports Israel, Jew or not, should vote for Rudy this year. Clinton was wishy-washy on Israel, and I'm sure his wife will be the same way. Conservative Christians read the Bible, and so they know that the land of Israel belonged to the Jewish people. The right-wing Americans also understand that there is no such thing as moral equivalency between a suicide bomber attack that targets civilians on purpose and a retaliatory attack on Hamas militants in Gaza. Sometimes, there is a clear right...and a clear wrong...and most liberals just don't get that!

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