Sunday, February 10, 2008

Humanitarian Crisis in Sderot

Last night an eight year old boy went with his older brother to buy some aftershave lotion for his dad's birthday present. They walked to an ATM with their mom's credit card. Suddenly, an alarm sounded and they ran for cover...but they didn't make it in time since they only had 15 seconds and shelter was 100 meters away. In a moment, they lay next to each other in a pool of blood.

Rami and Osher were hit directly by a Kassam rocket, fired by Hamas militants from nearby Gaza. Pieces of their legs were apparently "scattered in the street." One of the 8-year-old's legs were severed immediately and the second was shattered. He is now in serious condition at the hospital.

Over 40 rockets were fired into Sderot this weekend.

On Thursday, the US State Department issued a strong statement telling Israel to show concern for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Call the U.S. State Department and ask them to issue a similar statement about the humanitarian crisis in Sderot.

Human Rights Watch has also issued a statement condemning the 5% electricity cuts in Gaza. Ask them to similarly condemn the rocket attacks on Sderot:
1-(212) 290-4700

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