Saturday, February 9, 2008

My new Jewish Israeli Zionist.......Keffiyeh.

At last, it came in the mail. It smelled like camels when I first opened the bag...made by Beduins maybe?? Coming of my friends and I going to the local Arab hooka bar and yours truly sporting long as I don't get killed in the process! (Its run by Palestinians! But if they can wear theirs, I'm gonna wear mine, damn it!) Get yours today...

Here's proof that you can be a Zionist and wear a Keffiyeh...We've been doing it since the 1800's! (And way before that, if you count the headwraps we used to wear and Arab Jew garb...)


nasra said...

Disgusting. No originality at all.
Ironic when you lie about being the original people of that region.
No culture, no land, no morals, no religion. You are absolutely NO ONE.

Yoel said...

it was before the 2nd lebanon war that i hade the same idea with some friend. But i didn't knew how to make it and it's a qrate news to see other had the same idea!

I just have one question...
Were can I buy some? ;)


EnergySwift said...

Hi could you post a website address or some contact information where the israeli keffiyeh can be purchased I have searched all over the entire universe and still not managed to find one, please help if you can yours darren.

bgrossman said...

you can find them here:

Tatyana said...

LOL @ nasra. Life must be uncomfortable with your head up your ass. I wouldn't know, I haven't tried it.

Right on with the keffiyeh.. I'm getting one too, though at this site, for anyone who's interested:

Ariel said...

Nasra, lacking knowledge and any sense of history, much so as the vast majority of the great self-delusional Arab masses, thinks that Arabs are the original people of "palestine". I suggest a short history lesson, Nasra-- first of all, Jews have predated the Arab colonialist conquests of Eretz Israel for more than 2000 years. Secondly, the Arabs originate from the Arabian Peninsula. That is your origin is not "palestine" which has nothing to do with the Arabs. The Romans called Eretz Israel "Palastina" in order to alienate Jewish rights to the land after the Romans attempted to destroy Jewish civilization in Israel during the period of the destruction of the Second Temple (of course, the Arabs were not the buildings of the great Temple Mount). Palastina is the name the Romanss chose because the Philistines (a nation that is no longer extant and which came from the area of the Greek Isles) were among the worst historical enemies of the Jews. Of course, Arabs have no connection to this people that do not even exist and which came from a different part of the world entirely. Arabs, in the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Israel) and also of North Africa, among many other places, are just the remnants of these Arab colonialist and imperialist conquests-- which originated in Arabia (that's why it is called the Arabian Peninsula). So, Nasra, you have a lot to learn, the world does not want your backward culture but does, on the other hand, need and desires Jewish advancement (which Arabs have benefited from a great deal). Certainly Morals is not what is to be learned from Muslim culture-- as the murderous Muhammed claimed as righteous anything that benefited him. That's not morality-- that's self serving sociopathic logic. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people-- just the great Arab Muslim masses overruning the world. Now get the hell out of my face.

Mouky Harel said...

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Mouky Harel said...

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Mouky Harel said...

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