Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nakba or Naqba of JEWISH Arabs!

The Nakba, or catastrophe in Arabic. This is the story. Just watch.


Tom said...

I think it's pretty offensive to call these Jews "Jewish Arabs". That is politically and culturally/ethnically incorrect. Would you call a Jew who lived in Germany in 1948 a "Jewish German"? Obviously not - it would be incredibly offensive. And with Jews from Arab countries it is even more so, seeing as those countries have been the enemies of the Jewish state for decades. Jews and Arabs are two different Middle Eastern cultures. You can say "Jews from Egypt", "Jews from Syria", or even "Syrian/Iraqi/Egyptian Jews", but not "Jewish Arabs" - that goes too far.

karim said...


You may want to read the following:

It is Ashkenazi and Arab cultures (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) that are different.

Not only the Ashkenazi spoke a different language, they cultivated a different culture, looked different (European), used different names and brought the imperialist Zionist ideology to the Middle East and colonized the land of a weaker native population.

You must be out of your mind to think that a Moroccan-Jew has more in common with a Polish-Jew than with a Moroccan-Muslim like myself.