Thursday, March 19, 2009

The bus stop

The Bus Stop

She is smiling, she can’t let him see her cry
Just until next week, not long at all
She is laughing, Oh, something got caught in my eye
He is still so thin, he is still so small.

They are calling the boys, the driver honks his horn
She stiffens at his sudden, final embrace
And she hears her heart screaming inside as it’s torn,
And she fears that she won’t remember his face

Her little one protecting her, with his eyes of light
She chokes back a scream, take me,
I can fight,
I can shoot,
I can kill,
If only he’ll be

Please. Don’t go. This was all my mistake.
Wipe that foolish pride off your beautiful face.
Let’s go home, I’ll cook soup and a big juicy steak.
Let’s leave this dream. Let’s leave this place.

He won’t stay, even as he holds her tight.
Ima, don’t worry. I’ll be alright.
I’ve got to do this, for you and for me,
And for all of our people, so that we can be free.

The bus pulled away and her lips were blue
And her tears warmed her face as the snowflakes swirled,
Thus wept Ha-Shem, Ha-kadosh Baro-chu,
When the ruach left heaven for war in this world.

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