Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flower in the Desert

I want to feel
The air steal the tears in my eyes
Dry them up before they even fall
As the moon flies and
I want to kiss
With lips burned and cracked the kind that
Whisper prayers for what I really need
And a billion stars in the night of my mind

I want to grow my flowers in the desert
To wake the seed of wilderness within
To call upon the rainclouds in my heart and
Open them and wash away the sin

I want them to bloom and I will show You
Roses that do not wilt in heat
Lilies smiling without water
Between the stones where earth and heaven meet

I want to climb the cliffs of the Masada
And may my skin turn red and sting with pain
Two thousand years of winter stole its color
And smoothed it with two thousand of rain

And let my hands be cut and coarse and calloused
Become such hands that serve Your servant well
They yearn to touch the rocks, take hold and break them
And with them break from slavery and hell

I’ll find Your Name there, in the sand and sunlight
And floating in the saltiest of seas
If not, I’ll plant a flower in the desert
And she will bloom, and speak Your Name to me.

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